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How to Clean a Photocopier Drum?

We are using photocopiers everyday in our business. If you really want to ensure the maximum performance then, you should make or follow the scheduled to maintenance your photocopiers. Drum is very important part of any photocopiers! It is called that, drum is the heart of photocopier. It has very significant rule on photocopiers. The photocopier needs to use high power light and for this reason it needs to conduct with electricity. You will find some photocopier drums that you can clean it manually and some drums must be replaced by the manufacturer I mean you can’t able to clean it.  I will tell you step by step how you can clean a photocopier drum bellow.

how toStep 1: First you will have to turn off your photocopier then unplug your copier  from electricity. Please never try to clean your copier while it is plugged into the electricity in order to protect you from any unexpected electrical shock.

Step 2: Now time to open the copier door. I recommend you to read your photocopier manual before cleaning it. You will find a diagram of your photocopier along the door.

Step 3: After opening the door, try to find out the drum where it’s located. Most of the photocopiers designed all most same, it is attached to the toner. After finding out the drum now you will have to slide out the toner of photocopier.

Step 4: Find out the Mylar bar. The Mylar bar is a plastic or kind of rubber blade. So, try to find out it inside of your photocopier.

Step 5: Take a brush and use it to clean outside of your photocopier drum by using the Mylar bar and it will remove the extra (what you don’t need) toner from your drum.

Step 6: Insert the cleaned toner cartridge back inside your copier. Now close the door. Plug in your copier with electricity then, turn on the photocopier. My recommend is, you should test the photocopier to make sure everything is working fine. 

Hope it was helpful for you! :)